Strategy and Creative

CCMC’s agency experience runs deep with some of the country’s best-known agencies. We provide strategic thinking, creative, implementation and client service. We deliver solutions and campaigns that encompass a range of implementations such as visual identity, naming, advertising, web, mobile, event, digital, print, content, and so much more.





Remax looking to strengthen its position in Western Canada looked to create a sports sponsorship program which could deliver its brand message for its brokers and agents. The “home team” campaign used a double entender tagline that acted hinge for the co-sponsorship of the activation. A “home team” area was set aside in each team location. Agents and brokers in proximity of teams used “home team” as a marketing tagline when presention to leads generated by the campaign.

Phase 1: Fans win tickets to their favourite team. Phase 2: Fans login to a custom microsite to enter to win Home Entertainment prizes.







Imagining a multi-authouring system that allows people from 4 leagues and 59 teams email to fans at the same time was a great goal. Creating processes, business rules, user experiences and delivery mechanisms that:

The design process started by researching and discussing needs with the four marketing organizations of the leagues to come up with a new business options, design and goals for the project. It required a full six months of revisions and adjustments to meet all the goals of the leagues and their 59 teams. This project, the first of its kind for the CHL required us to develop a unique set of tools for range of stakeholder requirements.




Post Foods Canada Inc. is the manufacturer of iconic ready-to-eat cereal brands including Shreddies, Honeycomb, Sugar Crisp, Alpha-Bits, Shredded Wheat, Great Grains, Honey Bunches of Oats and other great tasting cereals. For more information, please visit

Objective: (1) Fans collect 24 exclusive goalie cards and 12 goalie face panels in specially marked POST Cereal Boxes; (2) In-store pallet displays to increase awareness.

Strategy: To create a cross – marketing promotion to showcase the CHL student athletes and rising stars of the CHL by utilizing the top Post Cereal brands to bring CHL Hockey to every breakfast table in Canada.